Get the look outfits


Get the look outfits

Spring 2014 Moodboard

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Hey everyone!

Here is my Spring 2014 moodboard. I know I made one earlier, but I had inspiration for another one that I had predictions for spring and summer. I think boho hair is gonna be amazing, especially with all the cool braid styles I’ve been seeing! I’m growing my hair quiet long, so braids will keep me cool for spring and summer as well.

For music, I’ve been loving Rihanna, as well as Beyonce for spring. I think playing their music with the windows rolled down is something that will definitely be happening over summer.

As for the hot guys and cats…well….

There was a viral video of these guys singing with cats if you want to check it out here: (I suggest you do).

There’s gonna be a lot of laid back fun styles for spring and I can’t wait to see more.

What are your predictions for spring?