Perfect Spring/Summer Dress — Anthropologie

Galen Dress, $128


Hello everyone!


I’m sorry for my absence from this blog, most of my mid-term projects were group projects, and they were extremely time consuming! However, most of my final projects are under control, and I am ready to organize some things for blogging.I bought a few new dresses for summer that are standard “summer dresses” like sheer sundresses. But while in my fashion history class, I noticed one of my friends wearing a beautifully styled dress that I thought would look amazing on many body types. I looked around for some good ones, and came across a great version from Anthropologie, (AKA my favorite store). It is a bit pricey, and I’m aware of that. However, splurging a little for a dress this beautiful could last you a good few seasons. The color is in “blue motif”, and I think it could really be dressed up or down based on the occasion!


What do you think?





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