Super Easy Strawberry Cheesecake Parfaits!


Hey everyone!

I made a very easy little snack with my roommate that was delicious and perfect for summer! The ingredients you’ll need are:

Strawberries (about 20)

1 cup cream cheese

1/2 cup vanilla yogurt

3 tablespoons sugar

graham crackers (about 4)


The first thing we did was cut up the strawberries. Try to cut them into big and small pieces for variety in the sizes. Then, whip together the cream cheese and vanilla yogurt. This part was difficult because I’m on campus and didn’t have a mixer, so the consistency was a bit chunky. I kept whipping it as hard as possible with just a spoon and a bowl, and eventually it got smoother.

Add the sugar to the cream mixture and mix that in. Crush the graham crackers until you get a crumb-like consistency. We then layered the parfait with the following: crumbs, cream mixture, strawberries, cream mixture, crumbs, strawberries again. After that, you can add some whipped cream to the top and a few decorative strawberries. Decorating the parfaits were the fun part, and you can really layer them however you’d like!

You could also add vanilla extract to the cream cheese mixture to add flavor. However, we didn’t feel like buying a whole thing of it, and the yogurt had a strong vanilla flavor to it anyway.

These are perfect because the strawberries and whipped cream were so refreshing for the spring and summer. I can see myself making these for a quick snack if you have the ingredients. The cream cheese mixture really did taste like cheesecake with the sugar and yogurt added, and the fruit and graham cracker crumbs added to a delicious treat! The easy instruction should make for a semi-healthy, semi-decident dessert!

Tell me what you think,



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