Flower Spring Nails

Hey guys!

My roommate (who is amazing at nail art) gave me the cutest little manicure last night. I wanted something with spring colors, and I wanted some cute flowers as well. We made use of a few nail decals for the design.

We alternated the blue and yellow every other finger except the middle and ring finger were the same. The tips were a bit difficult, but we just painted as best we could and then cleaned it up with a q-tip and nail polish remover.

The flowers were done with plain white nail polish and a dotting tool. The little nail decals were in a set from Claire’s, and I think they’re really cheap. I also know that I go some cute Katy Perry ones in her Deluxe album set, and she made another collection of them for Claire’s.

Basically a self explanatory design, so let me know what you guys think! I have loved floral nails lately because I think it’s so girly and appropriate for the season. I might even try this design with different colors. What do you think of floral nails?




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