The perfect Summer Dress: Under $25!


Hey guys!

I found this incredibly affordable dress while I was searching around for something a bit more boho than my other dresses. This particular one was found at

The first thing I loved about this was that it was a maxi dress. I am convinced that for summer, a maxi is just as important as a simple sun dress. And the best part it, this one is $21.99, which personally, I think you would pay way more for at Urban Outfitters or even Forever 21.

This dress has a hamsa pattern in the middle, which is great for all you hipsters out there. I have been reblogging so much of this hippie-bohemian-yoga stuff lately, so I enjoyed the graphic. It comes in one color, and in small, medium, and large. The website has a ton of other great deals, but this new arrival was on my radar for a great affordable dress that you can wear over and over again during the summer time.

What do you think? Let me know!



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