Lush Haul: Citrus Themed!

Left to right: Yuzu and Cocoa, Fizzbanger, Butterball, You’ve Been Mangoed


Hey guys!

I went to Lush and bought a lot of what seems to be citrus themed…the whole store is full of summery scents and I feel like citrus is just very refreshing. I got two bath bombs that I haven’t used yet. I’ve used many of them and wanted to try something new, as the Mango one is also a new bath melt to me. The only one I have used before is the Yuzu and Cocoa, and I love this bubble bar because it can be used in halves. I’ll review a few of them as I use them, but I just wanted to give a heads up that I made a little Lush cocktail and used half of my Mango melt and half of the Yuzu and Cocoa and it literally felt like I was in a tub of sweet lemonade, so give that a try if you’d like!

I’l review the rest to come!



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