Zoya Nail Polish: Spring Line Review and Comparison


Hey everyone!

I recently picked up one of the spring colors from Zoya’s newest line. I bought the glittery color called ” Harper” that is a beautiful pink polish that reminds me of a Barbie pink or bubblegum pink. The main reason I picked the color (besides it being a great spring pink) is that it looked similar to the sparkly shade I bought from the winter Zoya line, which I got in the color “Storm”. I thought the comparison between the formulations and everything would be pretty easy, but turns out, it was quite different. When first putting on the polish, I thought to myself, “it’s just a springy version!”, but that was not actually true!

When first putting on the polish, it goes on pretty smooth. This is only my second polish from Zoya, but the smoothness is very consistent. I think the $10 price tag may be worth it with the easy application and the long lasting strength.

“Harper” was very similar to “storm” glitter wise, as long as it was on the nail. In the light, the sparkles had an iridescent shine to them that looked especially glittery. I actually wore “Storm” after wearing “Harper” to compare a bit better. The only difference I could find was when taking OFF the nail polish. When I removed “Harper”, it took forever. I was scrubbing and scrubbing with a cotton pad and then I tried actually scraping the glitter off with my nails and a nail file (which is VERY unhealthy and I wouldn’t recommend unless you desperately need to get it off). It seemed I should have used a base coat before applying “Harper”, which is kind of a no-brainer, but if I’m being honest, I don’t think I ever apply a base coat. (Do you guys? Haha). When I took off Harper, I immediately put on “Storm” without a base coat, so the comparison is fair. Both polishes lasted me a week, and honestly could have lasted longer, but my cuticle area was growing out too much, so I took both off after a week.

When I took off “Storm”, it came off so smooth that I was literally surprised I wouldn’t need all the utensils I gathered for scraping off the chunks of glitter. Before you start saying it was a difference in formulation, I investigated the sparkles (how pathetic). From what I could see, the spring like has sparkles that are much chunkier, and don’t sit in the polish, but rather on top (which basically just means that you should apply a base coat before using these kinds of sparkle formulations.

The sparkles definitely compliment the brighter colors in the spring collection, and the glitter looked just amazing on the nail and in the light especially. I went and sampled a few of the normal opaque colors and thought they would cover the nail in one coat. These nail polishes are honestly amazing in color and in lasting power, and I think you guys should check these out before going to buy any Butter London or OPI’s.

Have you guys tried Zoya yet?



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