My Ipsy Bag: August 2014


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Hey everyone!

I received my Ipsy Bag a couple days ago and have spent some time using the products so this time I can give you a more balanced review. Once again, I am very happy with my bag and I think this might be my favorite month!

I received a dry shampoo that I am so excited to continue using it. I sprayed it once when I had gone awhile without a shower, and it made my hair feel absolutely wonderful, and the size of the bottle was pretty big! The smell isn’t spectacular but I don’t mind it that much.

The lip conditioner is honestly just a chap stick, and I only used it once to see how it would feel. I do like the feeling of it and the smell is very tropical!

The blush samples were actually very tiny, and I know it’s hard to see that from the picture. I have already use them by swirling my blush brush on both of them evenly and put it right on the apples of my cheeks, and the color was highly pigmented and beautiful on top of my freckled skin, and I suspect it’ll look good when I’m paler into the fall.

The eyeshadow s a small round compact and I’ve never heard of the company, but it doesn’t seem like a cheap-made eyeshadow. It’s a compressed powder that is so shimmery and would look great for a natural look or even with a swipe of liquid liner. It isn’t quite gold, it has a very iridescent look to it that isn’t glittery, more like a shine. I haven’t used this on my eyes yet but I think when I do it’ll be a great compliment to every skin tone.

The last item was the best item of all, the Urban Decay eye pencil. I saw that I would receive one item from Urban Decay and I was so happy with this eye pencil. It’s in a dark purple color, and I know I used to wear purple eyeshadow in high school to make the green in my eyes stand out. The texture is very soft and easy to blend with your fingers or a brush.

In all, I think this was a great Ipsy bag. It made me really excited for things to come for fall, and the colors are all good transitions for autumn colors as well. I will be posting a makeup look with the specifics on how each of the makeup items perform. I also can’t wait to keep using this dry shampoo as it’s (surprisingly) my first one ever!

How were your makeup boxes this month?




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