My New Fall Boots + How I Styled Them


Hello everyone!

Just about once a year I decide to splurge on a good solid pair of shoes. This year, being so close to fall, I decided a nice boot was my best pick.

These light-brown boots are from Asos. I am shocked (and a bit ashamed) to say it was my first Asos purchase! But I checked so many sites and stores like Pac Sun and Urban Outfitters only to be disappointed at the options and prices. These boots are called “Riff Raff” and I’m not sure if that’s the style, because these are an Asos brand shoe. But it looks like a chelsea boot to me, just with a good sturdy heel. The main reason I liked the look of them is because when I’m walking across campus and there’s slippery leaves or snow starting to fall, I want a boot that isn’t like my riding boots, but also isn’t a snow or rain boot. They look very stylish on, and since the platform and heel are all black, they match virtually everything. I imagine as it gets colder these next few months I’ll be stacking comfy socks into them and wearing them with tights. I can’t wait! This summer has brought some cooler-than-normal weather, so when I took these pictures my feet weren’t particularly sweltering yet. For a late summer night, pairing them with a long skirt or jeans would be perfect. These were just over $100, and they are real leather, so I think it was a pretty good deal for the quality of the shoe.

As far as this set of pictures, I wore a simple black dress from H&M and my white kimono from TJMaxx over it. The lightness of the dress and kimono were perfect for the shoes because they are pretty chunky, so I didn’t look like a complete flower child. I just wore my hair natural and did a gold-ish eye look paired with Mac’s lip glass in “Just Superb”. The more we get into fall the more comfortable I’ll be wearing these. I think chunky shoes with big comfy pieces of clothing are going to be popular this fall (but that’s just my prediction!). There was a black color as well, but I think they may have sold out on the site. After shopping with Asos, I’m intrigued to use them more. Because I spent over $100, they gave me better shipping for free. I got the package in maybe 4 or 5 days, so if you want a quick buy that is great quality, check out what they have!





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