End-of-August Find: Drop Earrings

Hey guys!

I have a great jewelry item that’s a bit of a splurge, but would be totally worth it if you’re looking for earrings that can be used for basically any formal or classy event going on from now till Christmas. I’ve been kind of slacking on wearing any earrings because I feel a bit uninspired, but I ventured out to find a good pair that aren’t overpowering. These are from Nordstrom, and are pretty pricey at $64, but they are really great quality for a formal jewelry piece.Β 

They are by Kendra Scott, and the reason I was drawn to them is their shape. To me, it looks like an arrowhead, and with all the fringe and indian-inspired trends this fall, I think they would be very complimentary. I thought I’d share them with you, and they have many other colors besides this one to choose from. This color, “Gray Catseye”, is an awesome neutral that will match probably any holiday or cocktail-party ensemble you come up with!



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