Glitter Ombre Nails



Hey guys!

I did a little glittery ombre on my nails for Labor Day weekend as I was going out to a few places and am having a little barbecue today. This was my second attempt at an ombre in nail form (the first attempt ended badly and messily). It was relatively easy to do this time, but I think that’s due to the amount of sparkles I had covering the nail color. 

First thing you’ll need is the darker base color, an in-between color, and a LOT of sparkles. You’ll also want to rip a pieces off of a sponge (you can use a kitchen or makeup sponge). 

I use the first darker grey color (Essie’s “Cashmere Bathrobe”) and dabbed it onto the sponge, and then lightly dabbed that on the cuticle area of my nail and up to about the middle of the nail.  I let that dry completely, and then used the silver polish (Sally Hansen’s “Celeb City”) and put that on the other side of the sponge, and then dabbed it where the grey color ended, and then up toward the tip of the nail but not all the way. 

I used a very glittery sparkle polish on top of that, and I made sure to use one with chunky glitter (Nicole by OPI’s “Party Bus”). I used two coats of this and really laid on the sparkle so as to conceal anything that didn’t look like a smooth ombre. I didn’t even have to use a topcoat with this, and for a few days of activities it has held up great!



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