4 Things to Get Ready For A Job Interview

Hello everyone! I’m doing a different kind of post today that is more of a helpful/lifestyle post. This is an illustration by my favorite illustrator Cindy Mangomini, and it inspired me to write some tips about the scary processes of job interviews.

I have never been one to get excited over a job interview. I haven’t been on a vast amount of job interviews that would make me an expert but I have some experience in preparation. A lot of things that can help you feel better about going into a job interview have to do with being ready and feeling good about yourself.

Most of these things aren’t unheard of or secret tips, but they’ll all be in this little post to help you feel confident in moving to the next part of your life. You may have already heard them before but they are still so helpful! Here are just a few things to keep in mind when getting ready for a job interview- and please leave in the comments if you have any more helpful tips on the subject.

1. Get Enough Sleep

Obviously! There’s nothing like getting the proper amount of sleep, and not what you “think” you could function on, but what your body actually needs like 7-9 hours. You’ll feel way more prepared to face some professional questions and problems. This adorable sleep mask may help, and you can find it on Etsy.

2. Use Natural Makeup Colors

This just helps with seeming respectful and relatable. There are many people out there who can do crazy, cool, and complicated makeup (I’m not one of them), but interviews are to put a general version of yourself out there without being super bold (unless you really really like glitter eye shadows). For a great natural makeup look, here’s a tutorial from Real Simple, and I think it does a great job of balancing beauty and business.

3. Be Well Prepared

Whenever you’re applying for a job in any type of career, you want to be very prepared when meeting with someone. Even if you aren’t taking the interview that seriously, the people interviewing you are, and they’ll remember you! One thing that helps me with organization and preparedness is a planner; you’ll either find one that you really love or you’ll be writing things on a bunch of sticky notes, and both approaches are great. Coming with papers and schedules will show how seriously you take your time and theirs. Here’s and adorable planner that you can have personalized on Etsy!

4. Be On Time

This is possibly the most important tip of all. In a professional setting, you’re going to be expected to be at important meetings on time, and in many cases you’ll seem even better if you’re there early. You’ll also feel better about yourself if you give your mind time to prepare and become comfortable rather than rushing and winging your way through. Another great find from Etsy, here is an adorable handmade watch that will hopefully keep you on track!

So, have these helped you approach a job interview? I hope so! Everyone can take away something for this little tips in order to be more confident when going for a new job. If anyone has more tips that are generally easy to keep you feeling good on a job interview, please share them!



One Day From 2014

One Day From 2014

Makeup Look Using September Ipsy Products 2014


Hello there!

This has been a well-needed post to go up and I finally got the pictures to do it! I did a makeup look using my Ipsy products from this month, and as you can tell, it was also my photoshoot for the custom dress I received. I was trying to kill two birds with one stone and I think the makeup was perfect with the dress.

The main things I used that were from the Ipsy bag were the Nyx eyeshadow, the Pacifica eye liner, and the Cailyn lip gloss. I also used the brush that was included in my bag this month to make this makeup look, and I was so impressed with its performance! I recently washed it with my other brushes and it seems to hold up great. I was really excited to get an actual brush in an Ipsy bag, and was even more please that it was double sided. I used both sides for this look, using the thicker side of the brush to pack the Nyx shadow to the edge of my eyelid, and the smaller side of the brush to blend brown into my crease. I used my Naked palette to use some more colors than just the Nyx eyeshadow because in actuality I wouldn’t wear just that color alone. It isn’t very highly pigmented and ends up going on your eye as a grayish color. I didn’t mind because I think it allowed my eye to have a smokey effect, it just isn’t an eyeshadow I would use all alone for the most part. As far as the eyeliner goes, I was really impressed! This pencil was easy for me to make a wing, and that’s saying something since usually pencils are too crumbly for that.

I used my usual tinted moisturizer and for my bronzer, blush, and highlight I used my usual face palette that’s by physician’s formula. The look I was trying to get here was sophisticated, but still pretty natural, and it would be a perfect match for wearing a dress like mine.

I also recently used the hair mask that was in my Ipsy bag and I can’t say I notice a huge difference yet. I just invested in a tangle teezer and I can’t tell if my hair is softer due to that, the hair mask, or a combination of the both. I also didn’t use enough of the mask last time, since I have so much hair, but it did nicely replace using conditioner.

In all, I really utilized every product that came in my Ipsy bag this time. The lip gloss I have actually been wearing non stop (including right now as I’m writing this) and I think I’ll continue to wear it into the fall and winter.

Another thing Ipsy did a great job of this time is matching the colors up so when used all together, they look amazing. The purple/gray color of the eyeshadow just looked so nice and smokey against the brown eye liner, and with t mauve-type lip, I think the whole color scheme is so autumnal. They obviously think about these things when putting them into bags, I’m just not sure if every person gets the same color. Do any of you know? That would be helpful to find out. I think my bag specifically worked well together and I’m planning on using the liner and eyeshadow a lot more now that the fall sweaters are coming out (except today, where it’s a shocking 84 degrees). I feel as though we’re going into Indian Summer time, and I’m not ready for that. I’ve been drinking pumpkin lattes for a few weeks now! I hope all of you enjoy the nice weather and also enjoy your Ipsy bags, or whatever monthly beauty box comes to you. Let me know if you received similar products, and how you thought they performed. I’m eager to know the comparisons!


Dry Skin Fix For Fall|Palmer’s Cocoa Butter New Formula Spray

cocoa butter spray

Hello everyone!

As it’s fall now (officially!) and the weather is getting dry, it seems my skin is too. It’s hard when the temperature starts to drop because our skin is so much less hydrated. I saw this new formula of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter and thought I’d check out how it works!

I’ve never used this brand before, but I’ve seen it just about everywhere. I was always curious, but the reason I actually bought it was because of the new “spray” feature in this product. I’ve seen the Vaseline brand sprays and thought this would be an easy way to apply some moisture.

Once I started using it, I realized this sprays out as quickly as some sunscreen sprays, and it surprised me! But it also makes it so easy to get many parts of your body that I personally couldn’t get to before, and it made my skin so much smoother (other people have even mentioned it!). The best part about this product that will definitely get you hooked: it smells just like a yummy chocolate bar.

Have you used this product, or at least tried out the brand?


This Month’s Lush: September 2014

lush septemeber

Hey everyone!

I stopped into Lush this past weekend to pick some bath goodies up! I usually do this about once a month and I was long overdue. I’ve noticed now that the weather is changing, my skin is a bit dry and less hydrated. I was eager to see if any new fall bath bombs or bubble bars were out, but the girls in Lush said they would be released in October. I still didn’t mind and picked out my favorite Lush products so I could relax a little in this colder weather. I also have my Ipsy makeup look for September done, but the photos are not loading right, so I’ll have them fixed very soon to upload.

This first thing I picked up was actually a product I had never used before! That is the Dragon’s Egg bath bomb. I’ve used almost ever bath bomb from Lush and I decided to try this one out since it had such a beautiful citrus smell to it. It smells clean at first, since it’s main ingredient is lemon. But there are these circle disks of color inside the bomb that come out when placed in the water. The colors swirl around and make an orange-ish color in your bath. I loved this bomb so much and wondered why I’ve never picked it up before! I know it isn’t neccesarily a “fall” or “autumn” scent, but it still really energized me after using it, and I was so happy I picked it up. On the Lush website, it also says that lemon oil (which is in the bomb) is toning and refreshing to the skin. I wouldn’t say this alone is super hydrating, but it is refreshing.

The second thing I got was sunny side, but I’m not gonna go into it a lot since I think I reviewed this from last month’s post, so you can check there for the details! I will say this is great to break into pieces and use with your other bath bombs, because it has a lemon scent and goes with the refreshing other scents.

The third one I got is also a repeat, and it’s Fizzbanger (are you sensing a theme here?). It seems like I’ve been very into the citrus scents this September, but this bath bomb also has a spicy scent to it, so I’ll be saving it for colder weather. I loved this bath bomb the last time I used it, and I can’t wait to use it again.

The last item I got was Tisty Tosty, which is a beautiful looking heart-shaped bomb. I’ve used this once before awhile ago, and I remember how gorgeous and relaxing it was. It is very floral and more of a serious scent, so I’ll be saving this for a chilled-out night when I need some comfort.

My combo this month: Dragon’s Egg and Sunny Side. I broke half of Sunny Side and let that bubble up before dropping in Dragon’s Egg, and I was so happy I did so! Both have lemon-based scents and it was like having a power bath. The small wasn’t overpowering at all,  but left you with the feeling of being very very clean. I didn’t get this recommended from someone in the Lush shop (the way I usually do) I sort of just thought what would go well together and spontaneously threw them in.

Here’s last month’s Lush post!

What have you purchased from Lush this month?


eShakti Custom Dress Review



I received this beautiful dress from the website http://www.eshakti.com that was completely custom made for my body. I was so excited to share this with you because I was so incredibly impressed with how easy the customization stage was in placing my order, and how well it fit me! I felt so special wearing a dress tailored to my body shape, and felt like it would be a great thing to share since there are so many types of bodies out there, and so little websites that allow you to easily and quickly put in your measurements and give you a great fit and style.

The dresses and other products on the site may be a bit pricey if you are doing a custom order, so I have the discount code “glitterbunnies” that can be used to get 10% any purchase from the date 9/22/2014 through 10/22/2014. I highly recommend this website if you want a piece of clothing that is literally made for you, and I guarantee I’ll be using them to get future dresses for events since their materials are such good quality!

Let me know what you think, and if you do a custom dress, please share it with me!


Ipsy Bag September 2014

ipsy sepi[psy eyeshadowipsy eyeshadow coloripsy lip glossipsy lip gloss coloripsy hair maskipsy eye lineripsy eye liner coloripsy brush

Hey there!

I received my Ipsy bag a little while ago and have finally had time to show you what was inside! For the most part, I was again impressed with Ipsy. Every product in the bag was a good size, and I’m convinced the eye shadow and lip gloss were actually full size. The eye liner was sort of repetitive since I got the Urban Decay eye pencil last month, but I’m not complaining that much. I also want to point out, all the colors are absolutely perfect for fall!

The only items I’ve used so far were the brush and the eye shadow, and I loved both of them. The shadow looks kind of like a brown/dark purple color, and when you put it on it isn’t that pigmented. But I used it to do a very subtle smokey eye today with the brush, and everything blended beautifully. I’m also excited about the hair mask, since I’ve lightened my hair again and needed some more damage control.

What did you get in your Ipsy bags?


Early Fall Inspiration 2014

Hello everyone!

I wanted to give you a little bit of my early fall inspiration. I have been loving the runway shows and fashion week events that have been going on, and thought I could include some inspirational pictures. It’s finally getting chilly where I live!

There are a few exciting things coming up this weekend on my blog! I hope everyone is having fun in these cooler months. I’ll be doing a DIY post soon, and I have an awesome collaboration with a great company that I’m taking pictures for Sunday. Stay tuned, and have a great time enjoying this autumn weekend.


Pumpkin Brownies







Hello there!

I made the simplest of recipes last night, but I thought it would be a fun little one to share. I also got these adorable recipe cards from Anthropologie and they’re perfect for my baking posts so you can all see how to make the brownies and what you’ll need.

The 1 can of pie is exactly what you think, it’s pumpkin pie filling. These brownies are not the texture of normal brownies, so beware! They are very rich and have that pumpkin taste, but it isn’t too overpowering.

Try it out and let me know what you think,