Back-to-school DIY Hair Mask






Happy Labor Day!

In case you didn’t see from my other posts, I’m attempting to keep my hair longer. I bleached it awhile ago and will be lightening it again soon, so I wanted to protect my hair from any styling I’ll be doing. Last fall into winter, I had a lot of hair masks that I circulated between and my hair was great, but I’ve run out of them and don’t want to repurchase them yet, so I’ve gone for a DIY hair mask!

I found many hair masks for many different things, but the main thing I wanted to do was protect my hair and make it stronger. The breakage I have isn’t too bad, but this mask does help with any damaged end you may have.Β 

The recipe was easy, I used 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and mixed it with 2 eggs. You can maybe use other oil, but this is the best for being gently and not too oily.Β 

I parted my hair into two ponytails, which you can see me attempting to do in the third picture. My hair was pretty knotted! I then went to the bathroom and scooped the mixture onto each side. It’s honestly hard to do because the egg and oil together is super slippery. Also, my boyfriend noted it smelled like his usual poached egg breakfast, so if you’re into that kind of thing you’ll love it. If your hair is really thick like mine, the whole mixture will most likely be used. It was hard to get it all to absorb into each side of my hair, but eventually it soaked through. I concentrated this mostly at my ends and the middle of my hair, and I allowed it to come up a little bit towards my roots. I didn’t want a lot near the top because it might make your hair look slightly greasy near your roots. I then made little buns on each side and pinned them into place. Some more intense hair masks called for waiting up to 2 hours, but this one was only 20 minutes. You can wait around and read or do what you do when waiting. You can also use a shower cap if your hair is dripping. After 20 minutes I took out my hair and showered, washing it wit shampoo and conditioner as usual. I also want to note that your hair after waiting will feel crunchy, but once you shower it feels normal again.Β 

I used this once as a treatment and my hair this morning feels so soft and isn’t frizzy at all, which is a big change because all summer it’s been dry and frizzy. If you have more severe damage to your hair, you could use the mask twice a week for a couple weeks until your ends aren’t as broken. I also noted it toned the ends of my hair where a lot of blonde is. There is a lot less brassiness in it, which was a nice little surprise! This is the perfect mask to do so you can relax before going back to school. You can use it on a pamper night, or even during a sleepover. It was very easy to mix and find the ingredients. Most of the masks I got from Lush and other beauty places worked really well, but if you just don’t have the cash right now to go and buy a luxury hair mask, this works just as good. If you want to insulate your hair for a more intense treatment, you can wrap a towel around the shower cap on your head, and the heat will keep the hair even more moisturized. Let me know if you try this out, and what you think of it.



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