Hello everyone! 

I’ve just moved into college yesterday so I’ve been a little bit busy for blog posts. As of right now I have a room to myself and I’m situating the way I’d like to set everything up. I am going home this weekend to get my hair done, and I’ll be uploading a baking video! So there is something to look forward too. If anyone wants any Q&A about college or dorms, send them my way! I have a few pictures of inspiration to fill the lull in time until this weekend. I am enjoying pictures of landscapes and clean pictures lately, and as summer is ending I thought these would be appropriate. How were all of your summers? I feel so surprised that it’s already fall. I went to Target and TJMaxx to buy some notebooks and things for class, and it brought back memories of me doing it all throughout my school years. Luckily, I don’t have any classes on Mondays, so I had all of today to get ready and organized before my classes tomorrow. I’m also using this time to ask if any of you have a recommendation for a good DSLR camera. I have a photography class that I need one for, and I need a better one for blogging anyway!

If you are all going back to school or work, or perhaps already doing those things, good luck! This time is a hectic time, but it’s full of fun. Enjoy your early September!



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