My New Article on Hellogiggles

Hello everyone!

Something very exciting has happened over the weekend. I now have an article posted on Hellogiggles (I can’t believe I’ve just typed that!) and it has to do with flea markets and shopping. It’s on the main page of the website right now, but here is the link to the actual article:

I am so excited to share this with you as I’ve read this website for years and am basically obsessed with Zooey Deschanel. (Who isn’t?) You can go check it out if you’d like! I am so excited about this that I am literally at this moment dancing around thinking of some more great blog ideas.

As far as this coming month, I have some great things planned. I’m working on a festive baking post tonight, and I have a collaboration with an excellent company coming very soon. Stay tuned!



4 thoughts on “My New Article on Hellogiggles

  1. I’m a lover of the flea market too. Finding a deal for a timeless treasures is so rewarding not to mention fun . I enjoyed reading your piece and look forward to following you and reading more of your posts.

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