This Month’s Lush: September 2014

lush septemeber

Hey everyone!

I stopped into Lush this past weekend to pick some bath goodies up! I usually do this about once a month and I was long overdue. I’ve noticed now that the weather is changing, my skin is a bit dry and less hydrated. I was eager to see if any new fall bath bombs or bubble bars were out, but the girls in Lush said they would be released in October. I still didn’t mind and picked out my favorite Lush products so I could relax a little in this colder weather. I also have my Ipsy makeup look for September done, but the photos are not loading right, so I’ll have them fixed very soon to upload.

This first thing I picked up was actually a product I had never used before! That is the Dragon’s Egg bath bomb. I’ve used almost ever bath bomb from Lush and I decided to try this one out since it had such a beautiful citrus smell to it. It smells clean at first, since it’s main ingredient is lemon. But there are these circle disks of color inside the bomb that come out when placed in the water. The colors swirl around and make an orange-ish color in your bath. I loved this bomb so much and wondered why I’ve never picked it up before! I know it isn’t neccesarily a “fall” or “autumn” scent, but it still really energized me after using it, and I was so happy I picked it up. On the Lush website, it also says that lemon oil (which is in the bomb) is toning and refreshing to the skin. I wouldn’t say this alone is super hydrating, but it is refreshing.

The second thing I got was sunny side, but I’m not gonna go into it a lot since I think I reviewed this from last month’s post, so you can check there for the details! I will say this is great to break into pieces and use with your other bath bombs, because it has a lemon scent and goes with the refreshing other scents.

The third one I got is also a repeat, and it’s Fizzbanger (are you sensing a theme here?). It seems like I’ve been very into the citrus scents this September, but this bath bomb also has a spicy scent to it, so I’ll be saving it for colder weather. I loved this bath bomb the last time I used it, and I can’t wait to use it again.

The last item I got was Tisty Tosty, which is a beautiful looking heart-shaped bomb. I’ve used this once before awhile ago, and I remember how gorgeous and relaxing it was. It is very floral and more of a serious scent, so I’ll be saving this for a chilled-out night when I need some comfort.

My combo this month: Dragon’s Egg and Sunny Side. I broke half of Sunny Side and let that bubble up before dropping in Dragon’s Egg, and I was so happy I did so! Both have lemon-based scents and it was like having a power bath. The small wasn’t overpowering at all,  but left you with the feeling of being very very clean. I didn’t get this recommended from someone in the Lush shop (the way I usually do) I sort of just thought what would go well together and spontaneously threw them in.

Here’s last month’s Lush post!

What have you purchased from Lush this month?



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