Makeup Look Using September Ipsy Products 2014


Hello there!

This has been a well-needed post to go up and I finally got the pictures to do it! I did a makeup look using my Ipsy products from this month, and as you can tell, it was also my photoshoot for the custom dress I received. I was trying to kill two birds with one stone and I think the makeup was perfect with the dress.

The main things I used that were from the Ipsy bag were the Nyx eyeshadow, the Pacifica eye liner, and the Cailyn lip gloss. I also used the brush that was included in my bag this month to make this makeup look, and I was so impressed with its performance! I recently washed it with my other brushes and it seems to hold up great. I was really excited to get an actual brush in an Ipsy bag, and was even more please that it was double sided. I used both sides for this look, using the thicker side of the brush to pack the Nyx shadow to the edge of my eyelid, and the smaller side of the brush to blend brown into my crease. I used my Naked palette to use some more colors than just the Nyx eyeshadow because in actuality I wouldn’t wear just that color alone. It isn’t very highly pigmented and ends up going on your eye as a grayish color. I didn’t mind because I think it allowed my eye to have a smokey effect, it just isn’t an eyeshadow I would use all alone for the most part. As far as the eyeliner goes, I was really impressed! This pencil was easy for me to make a wing, and that’s saying something since usually pencils are too crumbly for that.

I used my usual tinted moisturizer and for my bronzer, blush, and highlight I used my usual face palette that’s by physician’s formula. The look I was trying to get here was sophisticated, but still pretty natural, and it would be a perfect match for wearing a dress like mine.

I also recently used the hair mask that was in my Ipsy bag and I can’t say I notice a huge difference yet. I just invested in a tangle teezer and I can’t tell if my hair is softer due to that, the hair mask, or a combination of the both. I also didn’t use enough of the mask last time, since I have so much hair, but it did nicely replace using conditioner.

In all, I really utilized every product that came in my Ipsy bag this time. The lip gloss I have actually been wearing non stop (including right now as I’m writing this) and I think I’ll continue to wear it into the fall and winter.

Another thing Ipsy did a great job of this time is matching the colors up so when used all together, they look amazing. The purple/gray color of the eyeshadow just looked so nice and smokey against the brown eye liner, and with t mauve-type lip, I think the whole color scheme is so autumnal. They obviously think about these things when putting them into bags, I’m just not sure if every person gets the same color. Do any of you know? That would be helpful to find out. I think my bag specifically worked well together and I’m planning on using the liner and eyeshadow a lot more now that the fall sweaters are coming out (except today, where it’s a shocking 84 degrees). I feel as though we’re going into Indian Summer time, and I’m not ready for that. I’ve been drinking pumpkin lattes for a few weeks now! I hope all of you enjoy the nice weather and also enjoy your Ipsy bags, or whatever monthly beauty box comes to you. Let me know if you received similar products, and how you thought they performed. I’m eager to know the comparisons!



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