Super Fast Glitter Manicure

nails glitter

Hello there!

I did a glitter manicure over the weekend that I think is perfect for fall. In my opinion, glitter is always appropriate, but during the fall and winter it seems so much more magical. 

I’ve had this glitter polish from Claire’s for so long, and I always love using it. I slightly ombred every nail but my ring finger, which I kept all glitter. The reason I liked this was it is almost a twist on a French manicure.

I have gotten soo many compliments on these, and the crazy thing is they were so easy to do! I simply layered one line of glitter first concentrated on the very tip of the nail. Once that dried, I kept layering the glitter down further and further until it started to resemble an ombre. It doesn’t need to be perfect, so there’s room for not-enough-sparkle or too-much-sparkle. Also, it’s easier to do this with a more chunky or fat glitter. This had an assortment of different glitter sizes, but there are some glitter polishes that are just way too thin, and it’s harder to ombre that kind. Since this is a cheap polish, it is extremely difficult to remove. I wanted a disclaimer in there because this polish stays on forever which is good, until you’re scraping it off and wishing you did a base coat. So try to layer a clear polish first, since it may come off easier. This worked well on my still kind-of short nails, and it also looks great on long nails! Try it out and tell me how it works. Since there’s so many colors in this glitter, it goes with everything! And it looks great while holding a smoothie or a pumpkin spice latte. I did a topcoat at the end to give a bit of shine. Hopefully this quick mani goes well for you!



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