Huge Lush Haul

lush haulpumpkin lushlush wizardlush bomb

Hello everyone!

I may have gone into Lush and spent (a lot) of money. But in my defense, I haven’t gotten a large amount of Lush ever! I have never spent more than $30 at Lush because I try to get it once a month, and I never spend too much. Anyway, this time, I did. All the Halloween and Fall items were out and I was so incredibly excited. My Lush store is at West Farms Mall, and it’s always super well stocked. I really wanted the Christmas items, but they told me they wouldn’t be in for another couple weeks. I decided to splurge on all the fun little items. I also want to say I realize that the bath melt is not a new or “fall” item, but it reminds me of Halloween since it’s supposed to be a cauldron (plus I needed a new bath melt). Every item here was a new one to me besides the bath melt and Lord of Misrule bath bomb. Let’s get into the specifics!

1. Ceridwen’s Cauldron: $8.45

Like I said, a repeat, but got me excited for Halloween and it has had the best results on my skin!

2. Lord of Misrule $6.95

Yeah I actually bought two of these. It was the first time I ever got a double of a Lush item in one purchase, but this is quite literally my favorite bath bomb ever. It sometimes is between this and one of the Christmas bath bombs, but after using this last night I decided it is my favorite bath bomb ever.

3. Northern Lights $5.95

This was the one item I actually knew I was purchasing before I got into the store. I’ve sort of been stalking this new bath bomb because I see so many people using it and it looks absolutely beautiful.

4. ย Sparkler $6.95

I wasn’t sure about this little guy but I saw a lot of people buying this one so I tossed it in as well.

5. Fairy Ring Soap $12 (About)

This was my “should I?” of all of them. It was the cutest thing of soap because instead of the usual ring of soap that Lush usually makes, it had a little fairy mushroom house, so I had to give it a try.

6. Sparkly Pumpkin $7.95

It’s probably the most glitzy of the bunch, and I’m so excited since this smells just like fall!

7. Wizard $7.95

I love this little guy so much! I feel like it smells like the Karma scent, but I could be wrong. It is a familiar smell so I think it’s one of their popular ones. It also reminds me of the penguin bubble bar from the Christmas stuff. He seems like the same shape! I loved him so much and I had a hard time picking one out to buy since they all looked so cute. A lot of people are like “This doesn’t look like a wizard!” but I think he sort of does. He has little sparkles in his eyes and a small star on his head. My mom saw him and told me not to use him because he was too cute. I think they’re Halloween stuff this year is a lot more creative and I hope they bring this guy back, as I love the purple color and how it matches the Northern Lights and Sparkler bath bombs. I also enjoy how some of them are scents from other familiar Lush items and not all new ones that will eventually go away.

Have you seen the new fall Lush items?





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