Rose Gold Autumn Manicure


Hey everyone!

I did a quick little French manicure that I thought I’d share since it was so quick and easy.  All you’ll need for this is a good base color and a metallic-ish rose gold color.

For my base coat, I used Essie’s “Ballet Slippers”.  Everyone totally loves this color and I see why! I used only one coat because I didn’t want my nails too pink. I think it worked out well!

After letting them dry, I used Sephora’s Formula X for the French tip in the color “Heroic”. I actually did 2 coats of this so it wouldn’t chip.

I waiting for them to dry completely before using a top coat. I always use the topcoat too early and mess up my tips, so I tried to wait it out this time. I used a cheap topcoat from Walmart and I really am considering just buying a good topcoat. It makes a huge difference and my nails have been chipping very easily. Just goes to show you that with some beauty products you really get what you pay for.

I really liked this manicure because the French tips are so classic, but I almost never do them anymore. It seems like a white French tip isn’t really on trend lately. I like how the color is muted and not too bright and in your face. As soon as I picked out the Formula X color I knew it would look great on the nails! When it dries, it seems to get more rosy.

As for this coming week, I hope everyone is having a great October! Halloween is coming and I definitely feel in spirit because I have little pumpkin lights hanging around my dorm. I hope this autumnal nail idea will inspire you for the rest of the month. Have a great week!



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