Makeup Look Using Ipsy October Bag

oct makeup

ipsy oct lip

ipsy october lashes

Hello there!

I used my mascara and lipstick from the Ipsy bag i received for October.

I didn’t get any blush, bronzer, or eyeshadows this month, so I did a smokey fall eye look with my Topshop Magic Liner, and then used the mascara on my lashes!

As far as how the mascara performs, it really isn’t that bad. The brush isn’t huge, but the formula keeps your lashes long, though not quite thick.

The lipstick is honestly the best little size for lipstick. I think I mentioned this in my Ipsy bag review, but I think all companies should sell lipsticks at this size as well because I never finish my lipsticks!

The color is honestly beautiful. This is my first dark lipstick and I’ve been wearing it nonstop. With more pale skin, I was worried, but I got so many compliments and I think the warm burgundy color in the shade works well with my coloring. It is also a dry lipstick, so I was able to really keep it in place all day!


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