Sweet Shoppe

nail decalsHello there,

I recently made a very affordable purchase that totally satisfied my sweet tooth (sort of!). My favorite things in the world are desserts and sugary treats. I came across the website Dope Digits when I saw models wearing adorable nail decals in a magazine about a month ago. I took a look through the many bold themes they had (twerking Mileys, Drake and Beyonce, even emojis) and found some that I couldn’t NOT purchase. They were for the cheap price of $8, which is a good deal since you get 14 decals. It’s set up so you could have  matching nails and both hands, but of course I’ll try to mix it up when I use them. I’m sorry I didn’t do a post with them on my nails first, (which was my intention) but I haven’t had the time! I’ve had some unexpected things happen in my life lately and on top of school, these took the back burner. But, I was still meaning to put them up here for you to see how adorable they are before they go on the nail.

The best part about this company is that they ship quickly and are very simple. These didn’t come in a huge box with a bunch of tissue paper. It came with a card and instructions on how to apply the decals.

For the most part, this seems easy. I don’t remember the last time I used a nail decal, I just remember using a topcoat over them.

I will say for a tip that before you dunk your finger in the water to have the decal stay, make sure your base color of nail polish is dry!

I was going to put these on top of a set of nail stickers by Sally Hansen but decided it might be difficult for the decal to stick to it. I didn’t want to risk it. I’m thinking of painting my nails a sparkly black color and putting these on top for Thanksgiving. Obviously, these don’t have a “fall” or “winter” theme, but if you’re anything like me and love adorable treats, it will always be a conversation starter. My favorite decals out of all of them personally is the little cookies with milk. I think they are all adorable though! My boyfriend thinks they look like something Katy Perry or Zooey Deschanel would wear (and I was so happy since those are my fave people ever). There are also “fast food” nail decals that are really popular. I’ve seen a lot of pictures on Tumblr of people with the little french fries and pizza on their nails. This is a great easy way to do nail art without having a lot of trouble smudging and ruining it.

Anyway, here is the website with it’s products for you to look through. Even if the sweets aren’t your flavor, you’ll find a bunch of other themes that are sure to interest you!

Have a great week,



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