Naughty Or Nice Tag


#1) Brussels Sprouts…Naughty or Nice?

Definitely naughty. Are these like a Christmas thing? I don’t think anyone eats these, especially around Christmas.

#2) Christmas Pudding…Naughty or Nice?

I know this is an English Christmas tradition so I have to be honest and say I’ve never had it. But from watching Zoella’s vlogs I think it isn’t that appetizing. My mom lived in London for like 3 years and she said it wasn’t that good. But we have our own Christmas desserts that I love like chocolate pie and peppermint bark. I love watching Hello October’s vlogs and she has Christmas pudding pajamas which are absolutely adorable. Maybe one day I’ll try it, but for now it’s naughty. 

#3) Christmas Songs…Naughty or Nice?

Absolutely nice! My mom had a Christmas concert last weekend and I’ve been non-stop listening to Christmas carols ever since.

#4) Mulled Wine…Naughty or Nice?

I haven’t ever tried this since it isn’t as popular in America. But my mom said it was delicious so I’ll go with nice. I think most Christmas wines are nice around this time. 

#5) Christmas Movies…Naughty or Nice?

I’ve been watching Christmas movies since November 1st, so this is a nice. I can’t help it, I just love getting in the mood for this magical time. I just watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation last night, and it’s a classic. My favorite Christmas movie of all time is Elf.

#6) Christmas Lights…Naughty or Nice?

This is a big huge nice! I actually have Christmas lights up all year round since I pick out cute ones that go with other things throughout the year.

#7) The Queens Speech on Christmas Day…Naughty or Nice?

I asked my mom once again who told me this is a nice. I suppose it’s a good gesture from the royal family and I’m guessing it’s a bigger deal in England. I don’t think Obama does any little speech for us does he? That shows how informed I am on Christmas Speeches Via President. Maybe this year I’ll watch the Queen’s speech.

#8) The Decorations…Naughty or Nice?

This is a pretty obvious nice!

#9) Christmas Shopping…Naughty or Nice?

I’ll be diplomatic and say naughty and nice because I love picking gifts out for people, but the crowds of people give me a lot of anxiety in busy places!

#10) Christmas Jumpers…Naughty or Nice?

100% nice! I’ve been non-stop been wearing jumpers and sweaters since it’s freezing where I live. Not only are the cute and fun for the holidays, but they keep you soo warm. My favorites are one’s with woodland animals on them. I hope I get more as presents this year.


This was such a fun little tag to do as it’s less than a week till Christmas! I won’t tag anyone, but I originally saw this on Katie’s blog Plus+Beauty and couldn’t wait to do it myself. If you see this and feel like spreading some holiday cheer, go ahead and do it! I’m aware this is probably a British tag but it’s fun to explore other people’s traditions too. I’ll now be looking up what the deal with brussels sprouts are…

How are your weeks? Are you excited for Christmas?


3 thoughts on “Naughty Or Nice Tag

  1. Thanks for doing this tag! I loved all of your answers! This was definitely a fun tag. I think it would be so neat to go to England some day. 🙂

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