OOTD- December 30th, 2014


Hey guys!

This was my outfit on this very chilly day. I kind of enjoy showing these because it also gives me a post to do a little catch-up. I’m getting so excited for New Years Eve tomorrow! I’m currently picking out which new sparkly polish will be the perfect amount of glitter (is there ever too much?). I hope everyone is having a good holiday break. Also, I hope everyone is staying safe!

I obviously wore tights with these shorts. I bought these new fleece-lined tights from Urban Outfitters during my after-Christmas shopping spree because they were on sale. It was about 30 degrees today and as I was walking around my legs stayed strangely warm! So good job Urban, you made some very warm (and expensive) tights. I love patterned tights but the problem with wearing them in the winter is that they tend to be partially sheer and that means you could freeze to death just to have little hearts on your legs. I think I’ll stick to my new ones for now.

I also got some great new flats today at DSW. I’ve had the same flats from Payless Shoes for about 6 years (I know, don’t even comment on the cheap-ness) and I desperately need more. The older I get the more practical my shoe choices become. I decided on a turquoise Steve Madden patent leather flat. If the Payless shoes can get me through all those years I’m sure these will hold up. I think they’re adorable and they brighten up my outfits when I’m getting into monochromatic phase (which means I just wear everything black because I’m lazy).

Anyway, how have you guys been doing with shopping? Are you excited for the new year?



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