Picks of the Week

Picks of the Week
I picked out my favorite items from this week that I had seen around stores and put them together in a post for you! I really enjoy layers right now, seeing as it’s absolutely freezing out. I really love the pop of color from the scarf that you can throw on over a sweater. I’m also crazy about different kinds of flats lately, since they can make an outfit casual while remaining chic. I added the touches of perfume and accessories from what I saw in Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus lately. Also, who doesn’t love a cute coffee cup?!

Nail Party

peach nails

And the Nail posts continue…

I know that the Northeast just braved a huge blizzard and there are over 20 inches of snow outside my house right now. But I really can’t stop with the pastel trends right now. This is usually when people start with light colors and floral patterns because after Valentines day, I consider it spring. Is that too soon? I can’t help it! I love spring trends after a long, cold winter.

I did my nails like this halfway through the week after I had two snow days from school. I was feeling the winter blues and wanted something brighter and happier. I have’t used my Clinique polish in awhile and was excited to dig it out again. Something about peach makes me feel so optimistic, it has a great feeling to it.

I wanted to pair this with a very glittery gold, but unfortunately, all mine ran out from all my Holiday looks! I scrambled around looking for a substitute and failed miserably since peach is actually quite hard to match. However, my friend Colie let me use a China Glaze (I’m sorry, I don’t have the name!) that was a sort of metallic-glittery-gold.

I immediately loved the look of this together. It has a preppy feel to it because of the gold color, but it goes with almost all my outfits. I love looking down and seeing such a cheerful combination, even though it’s freezing and snowing outside. The polish also dries very quickly, so I’m considering getting more from the Clinique range. The one I used is called “Really Rio”. The bottle also looks adorable, don’t you think?

I’m excited for brighter nail looks as the weather gets warmer.  I will need to invest in some more pastels though, as my collection is filled with darker colors from winter.

What do you guys think? What have been your go-to manicures this month? Also, let me know what would be a good glittery-gold to invest in. I’m currently looking for some additions!


Meet Hellocolie!

I’d like to introduce my best friend that goes to school with me! Her name is Colie and she just started her own blog which you can go check out right here.

Colie goes to school with me for fashion and has a distinct style that just about everyone seems to love. From her hair to her makeup to her shoes, she’s always finding ways to mix her style with the latest trends. I love seeing what her makeup will be everyday and I think you will too! Black and white are her forte, but she has so many awesome ideas!

As far as makeup goes, Colie is an enthusiast and does amazing work that you can see just from going through her social media.

She also collects many makeup items (that I have gone through countless times in awe) and has very fair reviews! She’s planning on reviewing some products, which might be really helpful for those who are interested. She uses bright colors and exciting eye looks, as well as professional face makeup. Anyone that’s interested in makeup collections or tutorials should stay tuned! I’m really excited for her to start this potential blog.

Also, she’s in college with me right now so she knows the difficulty finding good deals with makeup and fashion. We both try to get the best things for good prices!

In all, Colie is my good friend and I was so excited when she was going to start this blog. I hope you all enjoy seeing what she posts as well! It would mean a lot to me if you went and checked it out.

Thanks guys!


January Makeup 2015


I’ve been loving gel eyeliner this month, so I wanted to share with you my makeup look that I did by making a wing with the gel and then (after it dried) I smoked it out with “Dark Horse” from my Naked palette.

Products Used:

Urban Decay Naked Palette

NYC Lip Plumper (Strawberry Mousse)

Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush

J.Cat Beauty Eye Liner (Blue Black)

Pacifica Shadow (Ethereal)

Pacifica Liner (Fringe)


Blush Trend

Blush Trend
Hello there!
I know it’s predictable that the winter-into-spring trend this year is blush and nude, but who doesn’t get excited for these things?! When I see the pretty pastels, I know warmer weather and new clothes are coming. This year, I’ve noticed a lot of rustic touches mixed in with the baby-pink blush.
It may be hard to style pastels, especially blush. A lot of paler people (me) find it hard to wear because it sometimes washes you out. The best way to deal with this trend for spring is to mix in some nudes and browns. This will be a mature way to wear such a girly color. Make sure that your browns are of good quality, like a nice leather boot, or else it can start to look a little cheap. Pairing creams with it will also be a nice compliment to the blush color.
When it comes to clothing, I might stay away from the blush sweaters. I have pale skin with red undertones, which can make very pale pinks look like I’m not wearing anything (yikes). However, a nude color with a blush skirt is very complimenting, especially if you pick a floaty skirt. I love wearing a cream or off-white hat with pale pink accessories as well, since spring can still be quite cold! A nice pink nail is also a cute way to wear pastels, and Essie is quite popular for their range of colors.
As for makeup, using orange-toned bronzers bring out the red in blush, so when applied lightly it will go perfectly with a rosy tint to the cheeks. A light pink lip looks beautiful in the spring, but you could also use a brown-pink lip liner from winter to compliment your blush!



Happy Friday everyone!

I wanted to take this time to introduce myself to any new followers! I know you could just go through my posts to know more about me, but I wanted a formal post to get things started. First of all, I’ve gained a lot of followers lately through WordPress and Bloglovin’ and I want to say, thank you! It’s exciting to see people commenting on my posts and talking back and forth with me. I love connecting with you and going over to your blog too. Thank you for staying with me on this journey!

So firstly, my blog doesn’t really have a schedule. When I know it’s been awhile since a blog post, I attempt to go through my notebook of ideas to blog about. But do have monthly Ipsy Bag posts, as well as a monthly makeup look. I also do periodic hauls and Lookbooks, but they aren’t really scheduled. I take a lot of inspiration from other posts!

I go to school in Boston for fashion and I’m a junior in college. I hope to work for a publication!

I really want to get to know you guys. Don’t be afraid to comment, and I will always go to your blog and check things out. My favorite thing is going through people blogs or Instagrams and getting to know them. Feel free to talk to me on social media too!!


10 Favorite Foods


First off, how could I not have done a favorite food post before? I think one of the most enriching parts of life is what food we choose to eat. And to me, it’s one of the more exciting things in my day. I love food! I’ve picked out my 10 favorite foods to share with you today.

1. Macarons

I’m talking about the French ones, and the ones pictured are some that I got at the Patisserie on Newbury Street in Boston, and this picture I took pretty much showcases how delicious they are.

2. Cheese

I know this is kind of vague because most of my favorite foods have cheese in them. But I just love cheese! I love going to fancy parties where there are cheese platters. My nonnie calls me a “cheeser”.

3. French Toast

I think this has become my favorite breakfast food. I used to love chocolate chip pancakes the best, but French toast has come in first now. My boyfriend makes the best version by using lots of syrup and cinnamon when cooking it, and it’s literally to die for. I also like having fruit on top of it. There is so much that you can do with flavoring in French toast, so it’s made my list.

4. Burgers

I’m slowly realizing this unhealthy list. But burgers are so delicious and usually if I’m having a hard week, a nice Five Guys burger will do the trick for me.

5. Salad

Finally, a healthy option. If I’m going out for lunch, my everyday choice is usually a salad because it refuels me and doesn’t leave me feeling groggy from 1-5 p.m. when I have a bunch of work to do. My favorite salads are Southwest and Asian Chicken.

6. Pasta

I’m Italian, so I have pasta around twice a week (minimum). I know this isn’t particularly healthy, but I grew up on spaghetti! I love Alfredo and Penne A La Vodka sauces. My favorite pasta is from a small gourmet restaurant down the street from my house.

7. Ice Cream

I have a serious weakness for ice cream. I’ll even eat it in the winter or fall, it’s so good that I just don’t care. My favorite flavors are Cookie Dough and Peppermint Stick. However, me and my friends have been going crazy for Ben & Jerry’s Core ice creams lately.

8. Chocolate

How could I not include this? I prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate most of the time. Some of my favorites are Hazelnut and dark chocolate, Ghirardelli’s mint chocolate squares, and the Orange chocolates that you crack and they split into slices. I usually get a bar of chocolate when I’m making the drive to Boston, and it’s the best treat for the road. Dark chocolate is also slightly better for you (that’s what I keep telling myself).

9. Tuna Melts

This is probably the least luxurious food on the list. However, I love a god tuna melt for lunch. I love getting it at Subway, but I also love making at my house. A can of tuna is pretty cheap, and toasting it on some good bread with cheese makes my whole afternoon happier. I also sprinkle parmesan on top after it’s been toasted and it’s a delicious touch.

10. Pizza

If you ask anyone who knows me at all, they’ll tell you my favorite food is absolutely pizza, and I literally eat it almost every other day (again, not that healthy).

What are your favorite foods?


Late Winter Inspiration

Happy Sunday!

I took some inspiration lately to a lot of preppy styles. I think my style is more quirky, but I’ve incorporated some prep elements into my wardrobe. All of these pictures were found surfing Tumblr, so when you click the image you like, it will bring you to the Tumblr post.

Now that winter is colder than ever, all I can think about is spring. Are you excited for warmer weather soon?


Ipsy Bag January 2015



Items in my Ipsy bag this month:

realTechnique Fine Liner Brush

Pacifica Shadow in “Ethereal”

J. Cat Beauty Fantabulous Gel Eye Liner in “Blue Black”

Manna Shimmer Lotion

Nourish Organic Eye Cream

Also, can we talk about what a cute bag it came with this month?!

I thought this was an amazing bag, even though I say that every single month. The difference with this month was that I can actually say I will use every single one of these. I’ve been wanting to try out gel liner for so long and just never bought the supplies for it. I can’t wait to try out different ways to wing my liner, and I love that it’s a navy color because it’s slightly different. I’ve never owned a realTechniques brush and I’m so pleased that they put these in our bags!

You may have noticed I don’t have a swatch for the Pacifica shadow. That’s because my camera went wonky and I couldn’t get even one  good picture of it. But it such an amazing shade that shows up like a shimmery champagne. I’m not sure if it’s super pigmented, but I can only imagine how amazing it’s going to look with the navy liner. Going with the shimmery theme, there is also a shimmer lotion that can be used on your face or body. I’m planning on using this on my cheekbones very lightly because it’s quite pink on my skin and could look like a highlighting blush.

The eye cream is also really exciting for me. I love getting beauty products for my face in Ipsy bags because I enjoy switching it up. At the moment I have one steady cleanser that I use and my Clarisonic, and every month it’s fun to add whatever I get in my monthly bag. This eye cream actually kind of smells like avocados, which is the main ingredient in it. I’ll be honest, this is my first eye cream. But the size is pretty good for something you apply lightly to a small area of your face, so I’m really excited.

What did you get in your Ipsy bags, or any monthly beauty boxes? Let me know!


OOTD January 15th, 2015


I forgot to upload this outfit of the day yesterday! My post ended up going late and I decided I could put it up tonight. Yesterday was a pretty lazy day for me. I did a few things out of the house, but besides that, I just tried to keep warm. It didn’t help that we ran out of oil last night. Luckily, the oil company came and helped us out before me and my dog were popsicles.

So basically, this was a very casual outfit.

The sweater I wore was my comfy wool one from Zara that seriously insulated my body heat. It went well with my new jeans from Urban Outfitters, which are kind of baggy and casual.

The boots I wore were from way back in the day. I reviewed these shoes from Wanted a couple years ago. They still work when you don’t feel like slipping on the ice on the way to your car.

What were your days like?