A Casual Monday


Hello everyone,

It’s been a slow week for me.

I feel like between New Years and when I go back to school is a weird limbo period where I’m expected to organize and clean or something. I don’t have much work because my new semester starts soon, so I’ve been spending a lot of time redoing my room and cleaning through my closet. Today, however, I was so extremely cold and tired from this weird weather that I ran a few errands and then got back home and did absolutely nothing. My boyfriend made me some hot chocolate and that basically did me in. Any project I hoped to get done today just isn’t going to happen!

My mom has been sick lately so I’ve been staying home a lot anyway and helping out. I feel like with all this wind and snow, it’s impossible to even want to take my dog for a walk! I’ve been spending a lot of time in the bathtub and reading my new books. I guess winter break for college students is a good time to relax for awhile.

I am also growing quite a nice candle collection now after the holidays! What have you spent your time doing after New Years? Is anyone working on resolutions?



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