Maybelline Master Kajal Liner Review



Hello everyone!

About a month or so ago, I bought the new Maybelline Kajal liners because I was very intrigued by what exactly it was. I think I’ve owned every liner known to Earth, so when I heard about these “new” ones, I decided to give it a try. First thing that you should know is that this isn’t a “new” concept. Kajal liners have been used for hundreds of years, first starting in India. The whole appeal to them is that they have a smooth oily finish that lets you blend for days.

I got the grey color (charcoal skies) because the black was very, very black. I have very light skin and I was afraid smudging that dark of a color would look a little harsh. I also think this grey makes my eye color stand out a bit more than the black would have. They had other colors too, but I wouldn’t go for those seeing as I enjoy a more natural look (however, it would look great on someone who could pull it off!). I tried using this stuff a bunch of different ways before I found what is comfortable. It seems that this is the way most makeup is tested anyway!

Also, you’ll notice it has a very strange applicator. It is long and comes to a point, the whole length of it being part of the liner.

I got scared that I would end up using it wrong and it would even out to a flat nub. But it does seem to “sharpen itself” if you keep rotating it while applying. At first, I tried to wing out my liner and then just tried a straight line across. But this stuff isn’t like a pencil or liquid liner. The beauty to it is that it’s so easy to blend out, so I started messily applying it to my lid and then using a short brush to blend it out. You have a couple minutes of smudge-time before the liner stays put for good.

I usually wore this with a shiny gold base. I love how natural and smokey it looks, and I got so many compliments on my eyes while I wore it! It’s been awhile since I started using it and I absolutely love having it in my makeup routine.

Something to be aware of is that it’s ok to be a little sloppy with this liner because the blending makes it sort of grungy/I-meant-to-do-this to-my-face look. Have any of you used Kajal liner yet?




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