Dorm Decor for Small Spaces

Dorm Decor for Small Spaces
Hello there!
I gathered up some ideas that may help with any students going back to a small dorm room this semester. My room is especially small, much smaller than the one I had last year. I really had to think about what I could bring to spice up the room without taking up too much space. I’m also getting a new roommate when I go back, and you have to be mindful to roommates when decorating as well. I put together a few things that would be functional, as well as slightly adorable, for a cozy student space.
I have an ironing board that folds up and has seriously helped me when I’m going for presentations and all my best clothes are crumpled at the bottom of my wardrobe, but this one from Crate & Barrel is much more adorable. I also thought this room organizer would be great from Macy’s because it could go wherever you have hanging space, and would help when you only have three drawers (like me). I also have a few aesthetics here, like hanging some fairy lights, a chalkboard sign, or some mason jars to hold things on your desk like makeup brushes or pens (although to be honest, you could DIY these really easily).

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