10 Favorite Foods


First off, how could I not have done a favorite food post before? I think one of the most enriching parts of life is what food we choose to eat. And to me, it’s one of the more exciting things in my day. I love food! I’ve picked out my 10 favorite foods to share with you today.

1. Macarons

I’m talking about the French ones, and the ones pictured are some that I got at the Patisserie on Newbury Street in Boston, and this picture I took pretty much showcases how delicious they are.

2. Cheese

I know this is kind of vague because most of my favorite foods have cheese in them. But I just love cheese! I love going to fancy parties where there are cheese platters. My nonnie calls me a “cheeser”.

3. French Toast

I think this has become my favorite breakfast food. I used to love chocolate chip pancakes the best, but French toast has come in first now. My boyfriend makes the best version by using lots of syrup and cinnamon when cooking it, and it’s literally to die for. I also like having fruit on top of it. There is so much that you can do with flavoring in French toast, so it’s made my list.

4. Burgers

I’m slowly realizing this unhealthy list. But burgers are so delicious and usually if I’m having a hard week, a nice Five Guys burger will do the trick for me.

5. Salad

Finally, a healthy option. If I’m going out for lunch, my everyday choice is usually a salad because it refuels me and doesn’t leave me feeling groggy from 1-5 p.m. when I have a bunch of work to do. My favorite salads are Southwest and Asian Chicken.

6. Pasta

I’m Italian, so I have pasta around twice a week (minimum). I know this isn’t particularly healthy, but I grew up on spaghetti! I love Alfredo and Penne A La Vodka sauces. My favorite pasta is from a small gourmet restaurant down the street from my house.

7. Ice Cream

I have a serious weakness for ice cream. I’ll even eat it in the winter or fall, it’s so good that I just don’t care. My favorite flavors are Cookie Dough and Peppermint Stick. However, me and my friends have been going crazy for Ben & Jerry’s Core ice creams lately.

8. Chocolate

How could I not include this? I prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate most of the time. Some of my favorites are Hazelnut and dark chocolate, Ghirardelli’s mint chocolate squares, and the Orange chocolates that you crack and they split into slices. I usually get a bar of chocolate when I’m making the drive to Boston, and it’s the best treat for the road. Dark chocolate is also slightly better for you (that’s what I keep telling myself).

9. Tuna Melts

This is probably the least luxurious food on the list. However, I love a god tuna melt for lunch. I love getting it at Subway, but I also love making at my house. A can of tuna is pretty cheap, and toasting it on some good bread with cheese makes my whole afternoon happier. I also sprinkle parmesan on top after it’s been toasted and it’s a delicious touch.

10. Pizza

If you ask anyone who knows me at all, they’ll tell you my favorite food is absolutely pizza, and I literally eat it almost every other day (again, not that healthy).

What are your favorite foods?



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