Happy Friday everyone!

I wanted to take this time to introduce myself to any new followers! I know you could just go through my posts to know more about me, but I wanted a formal post to get things started. First of all, I’ve gained a lot of followers lately through WordPress and Bloglovin’ and I want to say, thank you! It’s exciting to see people commenting on my posts and talking back and forth with me. I love connecting with you and going over to your blog too. Thank you for staying with me on this journey!

So firstly, my blog doesn’t really have a schedule. When I know it’s been awhile since a blog post, I attempt to go through my notebook of ideas to blog about. But do have monthly Ipsy Bag posts, as well as a monthly makeup look. I also do periodic hauls and Lookbooks, but they aren’t really scheduled. I take a lot of inspiration from other posts!

I go to school in Boston for fashion and I’m a junior in college. I hope to work for a publication!

I really want to get to know you guys. Don’t be afraid to comment, and I will always go to your blog and check things out. My favorite thing is going through people blogs or Instagrams and getting to know them. Feel free to talk to me on social media too!!



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