Meet Hellocolie!

I’d like to introduce my best friend that goes to school with me! Her name is Colie and she just started her own blog which you can go check out right here.

Colie goes to school with me for fashion and has a distinct style that just about everyone seems to love. From her hair to her makeup to her shoes, she’s always finding ways to mix her style with the latest trends. I love seeing what her makeup will be everyday and I think you will too! Black and white are her forte, but she has so many awesome ideas!

As far as makeup goes, Colie is an enthusiast and does amazing work that you can see just from going through her social media.

She also collects many makeup items (that I have gone through countless times in awe) and has very fair reviews! She’s planning on reviewing some products, which might be really helpful for those who are interested. She uses bright colors and exciting eye looks, as well as professional face makeup. Anyone that’s interested in makeup collections or tutorials should stay tuned! I’m really excited for her to start this potential blog.

Also, she’s in college with me right now so she knows the difficulty finding good deals with makeup and fashion. We both try to get the best things for good prices!

In all, Colie is my good friend and I was so excited when she was going to start this blog. I hope you all enjoy seeing what she posts as well! It would mean a lot to me if you went and checked it out.

Thanks guys!



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