Looking Back

Old Photo

Happy Saturday!

My brother sent this old photo of me and it was absolutely hilarious. I thought it would be fun to show, and I was clearly into fashion back then too!

As I’ve been sick lately, I may not be writing as much, but feel free to comment on what you think about old photos!



AC for AG

I am seriously lusting after this collaboration. Alexa Chung is one of my favorite people, as well as my style icon. Every time she’s done a collab I’ve fallen in love. Her Madewell collection was one of my favorites of all time. I love AG jeans and couldn’t wait to see what Alexa Chung came up with. Of course, her tomboy style is mixed with retro vibes that make my wallet cry.

There are plenty of jeans and skirts to chose from in this collection for a wide range of tastes. But I can honestly say they all seem like Alexa’s “It Girl” style. My favorite item is the denim button up dress and I think I cried over the price because I felt like I needed it.

I’m also in love with the skirt. I’m thinking of asking for some of them for my birthday coming up because I’m so desperate for these pieces! They look classic enough to wear with many other looks. I can see pairing the button-up skirt with a peter pan collared shirt and patterned tights. I’m in love with this collection and I’m hoping some of it goes on sale in a little while!

What do you think of Alexa’s newest collection? All photos were found on Vogue.


Ipsy February 2015

_DSC0383_retouched_DSC0384_retouchedIpsy Shadow_retouchedIpsy Blush_retouched_DSC0391_retouchedIpsy Gloss_retouched

Here we go with another Ipsy Monthly blog post!

I am in love with the colors for this month, let me just say that first.

I haven’t actually used any of these yet, but every single one makes me so excited. I’m hoping the honey mask will last me the month if I use thin layers. Also, how adorable is the pink brush?!

Luxie 504 Large Angled Brush

rob. Scheppy for ‘tini beauty Powder Eyeshadow “Pearl Fizz”

Model Co Blush Cheek Powder “Cosmopolitan”

hey honey Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask 

cargo cosmetics Gloss “Anguilla”

What do you think of this month’s  Ipsy items?


Wen Hair Treatment

wen review

Happy President’s Day guys!

I got the Wen Hair Treatment for Christmas and it’s taken me awhile to finally review it, but here I am! I must say that I’ve seen this advertised so much and never thought to pick it up, so I’m so glad I received it as a gift.

Firstly, I found these products the easiest to use for a pamper night type of thing. There was also a normal conditioner that came with the set, but I never remember to use it! For a nice relaxed night in the bath, I’ll use this stay-in treatment that you keep for about a half hour before rinsing out. I use the spray after I’ve towel dried my hair and it’s mostly damp. I really can say I notice a difference after using the Wen products. I don’t use them a whole lot during the week because it might be hard on your hair, but when I end up using them my hair is much softer and shinier!

Also, I love the scent of this! It smells very minty, but not the cheap kind of Bath & Body Works minty. None of these things lather, because there are no chemicals in them that would make them foam up while you wash it. But I can tell the ends of my hair that were damaged seem to be feeling a lot more healthy after using this treatment kit!!

Have you used Wen?


Snow Day Inspiration 2015

I thought now that I’ve had another start of my week off, I could do a little inspiration post. From staying inside most of the time from the snow, I’ve been browsing around Tumblr and found amazing inspiration there. I wanted to share it with you!

As always, these pictures do not belong to me. I found all of them on wonderful Tumblrs and compiled a little inspiration piece. I don’t have the sources, but I’ve linked the picture to where I got it. If you click the picture, you’ll find the Tumblr I found it on. A lot of times with Tumblr, the sources aren’t really the sources.

Has everyone been staying safe with all this snow? I hope so!

I might need some advice from you guys on things to do when you have cabin fever. I really want to get out of the house and start doing things! I ended up finishing most of my homework for the rest of the week (totally cabin fever).

I also recently did a post on my friend Colie who just started a blog and she recently did a blog post on snowday essentials. You guys should check that out too! My dog has been extremely bored with us and is also over the whole snow thing. I think I’ll stick to Netflix and Youtube videos for the rest of the day. After tomorrow my busy week is starting up again. I hope everyone is staying nice and warm!


Maybelline Master Graphic Review


As you may be able to tell by now, I’m obsessed with eyeliner. I think I’ve reviewed eyeliners on this blog more than any other kind of review.

Today, I’m reviewing the new(ish) Maybelline Master Graphic liner. I’ve seen many people on Youtube using this product and about a month ago I picked it up and gave it a shot. I’ve been using it for awhile now so you get a thorough review.

The first time I used this, I absolutely loved it. It is literally in the shape of a marker and it feels like you can just draw your wing on with it’s thick tip.

On the other hand, I’ve heard that this runs out very quickly. While mine hasn’t really worn out, I can see that it’s getting slightly dry. This happened with felt tips too, but this feels drier because the tip literally feels like a permanent marker. It also kind of smells like a marker, which is kind of disorienting.

When you get past the fact that it feels like you’ve drawn a marker line on your face, it is pretty nice. It doesn’t have the precision and durability of a gel liner, but it does the trick! If you want something for a quick daytime look, I’d say go for it. This was a cheap drugstore eyeliner and there’s no harm in picking one up for fast application.

I also notice that I make my wings way bigger when I’m using this, which is slightly out of my comfort zone but the type of liner it is calls for a thicker winged liner. I have to say after doing it a few times, I really enjoyed the way the wings looked! It works for the whole sixties big-eyed style, so if you’re really into that, I’d say get it. What have you guys heard about this? I know it’s been out for a little while now.


Fashion Illustration: “Red”


I decided to share with you my first new watercolor that I’ve done in awhile! I used a new set of paints and outlined it with my felt tip markers.

I know this isn’t the best painting, but I’m attempting to get back into fashion illustrations.

This was inspired by Alexa Chung/Madewell style, with the emphasis on the pop of red color. I loved the black and white against the shades of red.

Let me know any tips you may have!


Beauty Haul | Makeup


Remember when I did big hauls? What happened to those days?

I know this is only two items, but I wanted to share my latest venture into the mall with you. I know these aren’t the newest and most sparkly products, but they sure are dependable. I was excited to actually be spending some money on beauty things for a change. Since school started again, all I’ve been buying was supplies and stationary for me new planner.

I had my eye on a new palette for awhile but I just wasn’t sure what to get. I wanted the Chocolate Bar by Too Faced so bad but I just wasn’t sure it would be something I actually used. I’ve only ever had the Naked palette and I use it all the time. I wanted to get something that I would still reach for instead of the Naked palette. After thorough research, I decided on the Lorac Pro Palette. 

Of course, Ulta was sold out, so it had to be an adventure to find it. But I eventually did at Nordstrom and it was still a gift pack so I got a free primer!

I haven’t used it yet, but I am excited to. I think I should wait until I have a reason to wear it instead of during a superbowl game or a snow day. The colors from what I can see look gorgeous and I can’t wait to see what I can do with them. There are eight matte and eight shimmer shades.

I also picked up the Say Yes To Grapefruit makeup wipes. I really wanted these for awhile but just wasn’t sure when it was appropriate to use them. Most gurus swear to never use makeup wipes. However, some do almost daily to take of the majority of their makeup before cleansing. I don’t use them everyday, but maybe a couple times a week if I want to refresh (since I bought the ones for skin brightening.) They take off my face makeup better than say mascara, but if you use a cleanser afterwards it does the trick!

They also smell so fresh and I look forward to using them after the gym or if I haven’t worn really heavy makeup that day. They were very cheap, maybe $6 at Ulta. The consistency is said to be “exfoliating” but it’s really just a quilted wipe. Nonetheless I love the way they feel on my skin. I wish I had tried these sooner!

Have any of you tried these products before? Let me know recommendations on how to use the palette!