Snow Day Inspiration 2015

I thought now that I’ve had another start of my week off, I could do a little inspiration post. From staying inside most of the time from the snow, I’ve been browsing around Tumblr and found amazing inspiration there. I wanted to share it with you!

As always, these pictures do not belong to me.Β I found all of them on wonderful Tumblrs and compiled a little inspiration piece. I don’t have the sources, but I’ve linked the picture to where I got it. If you click the picture, you’ll find the Tumblr I found it on. A lot of times with Tumblr, the sources aren’t really the sources.

Has everyone been staying safe with all this snow? I hope so!

I might need some advice from you guys on things to do when you have cabin fever. I really want to get out of the house and start doing things! I ended up finishing most of my homework for the rest of the week (totally cabin fever).

I also recently did a post on my friend Colie who just started a blog and she recently did a blog post on snowday essentials. You guys should check that out too! My dog has been extremely bored with us and is also over the whole snow thing. I think I’ll stick to Netflix and Youtube videos for the rest of the day. After tomorrow my busy week is starting up again. I hope everyone is staying nice and warm!



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