Wen Hair Treatment

wen review

Happy President’s Day guys!

I got the Wen Hair Treatment for Christmas and it’s taken me awhile to finally review it, but here I am! I must say that I’ve seen this advertised so much and never thought to pick it up, so I’m so glad I received it as a gift.

Firstly, I found these products the easiest to use for a pamper night type of thing. There was also a normal conditioner that came with the set, but I never remember to use it! For a nice relaxed night in the bath, I’ll use this stay-in treatment that you keep for about a half hour before rinsing out. I use the spray after I’ve towel dried my hair and it’s mostly damp. I really can say I notice a difference after using the Wen products. I don’t use them a whole lot during the week because it might be hard on your hair, but when I end up using them my hair is much softer and shinier!

Also, I love the scent of this! It smells very minty, but not the cheap kind of Bath & Body Works minty. None of these things lather, because there are no chemicals in them that would make them foam up while you wash it. But I can tell the ends of my hair that were damaged seem to be feeling a lot more healthy after using this treatment kit!!

Have you used Wen?



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