Ipsy February 2015

_DSC0383_retouched_DSC0384_retouchedIpsy Shadow_retouchedIpsy Blush_retouched_DSC0391_retouchedIpsy Gloss_retouched

Here we go with another Ipsy Monthly blog post!

I am in love with the colors for this month, let me just say that first.

I haven’t actually used any of these yet, but every single one makes me so excited. I’m hoping the honey mask will last me the month if I use thin layers. Also, how adorable is the pink brush?!

Luxie 504 Large Angled Brush

rob. Scheppy for ‘tini beauty Powder Eyeshadow “Pearl Fizz”

Model Co Blush Cheek Powder “Cosmopolitan”

hey honey Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask 

cargo cosmetics Gloss “Anguilla”

What do you think of this month’s  Ipsy items?


11 thoughts on “Ipsy February 2015

  1. The gloss looks so beautiful, i love pink nude color. Thanks for sharing the ipsy bags since I’m not in U.S so I’ve never had a chance to see what’s inside :d *thumps up*

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