AC for AG

I am seriously lusting after this collaboration. Alexa Chung is one of my favorite people, as well as my style icon. Every time she’s done a collab I’ve fallen in love. Her Madewell collection was one of my favorites of all time. I love AG jeans and couldn’t wait to see what Alexa Chung came up with. Of course, her tomboy style is mixed with retro vibes that make my wallet cry.

There are plenty of jeans and skirts to chose from in this collection for a wide range of tastes. But I can honestly say they all seem like Alexa’s “It Girl” style. My favorite item is the denim button up dress and I think I cried over the price because I felt like I needed it.

I’m also in love with the skirt. I’m thinking of asking for some of them for my birthday coming up because I’m so desperate for these pieces! They look classic enough to wear with many other looks. I can see pairing the button-up skirt with a peter pan collared shirt and patterned tights. I’m in love with this collection and I’m hoping some of it goes on sale in a little while!

What do you think of Alexa’s newest collection? All photos were found on Vogue.



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