My February Makeup 2015


The month of February has been iffy for my makeup wise. I was incredibly busy and caught a terrible case of the flu!

As far as what I wore most days, I’ve been using my Naked Palette a lot even though I got the Lorac Pro Palette. The colors went really well with the eye shadow single that came in my Ipsy bag this month. The champagne color is perfect for the inner corners of your eyes. I tend to use it when I’m using dark colors in my crease.

I also have loved my liquid liner lately! It’s so easy to use and the cat-eye is very in for spring. I’ve been using the Maybelline one that I reviewed on here for a quick flick. I use a lot of neutrals and a few metallics on my eyes. The winged-liner really finishes the whole look.

I also have been in love with the blush I got from my Ipsy bag this month! It’s a very pink blush, but it looks great when I don’t have anything else going on on my face. It’s definitely buildable, so I tend to go lightly with it first. When I’m wearing a natural look, I like to pack it on more. But as you can see here, lightly works well with most looks.

Sometimes you get really amazing things in your Ipsy bag!

I used the pink brush to apply it and I thought it looks really natural.

What were you wearing in February? Are you getting excited for spring trends?



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