My February Favorites

February Favorites

I can’t believe it’s already March! I haven’t done a favorites in a few months because with the New Year and the holidays it was a bit crazy. This is a bit late, but these are some things I’ve been loving in February!

Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

I want to say to Marc Jacobs Beauty, Thank you thank you thank you! I love this so much. I’m obsessed. (There will be a thorough review of this next week!)

Wen Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment

I use this for damaged hair but it also works well in protecting from heat. I needed a product like this because I just want to deal with one product in my hair at a time and this does it all. Also, it smells delicious!

IBC Root Beer

I like finding sodas that aren’t terribly bad for you. This is my favorite soda flavor! Right now, sodas in a bottle are my favorite drink. This is just a normal root beer flavor, but I love it. They’re so good! They also aren’t that expensive. I think it’s worth it to buy sodas in bulk like this because they make fun movie night drinks.

My iPhone

I’m not sure this counts as a February favorite because I’ve has it since Christmas. But I’m in love with it, and I’ve finally started using my phone for good photos for the first time in a long time!

Aha Shake Heartbreak

Everyone loves this Kings of Leon album and I don’t know why I haven’t listened to the whole thing sooner. This is a great album to listen to in the car because it gives me great vibes for a longer drive.

What have you liked in the month of February?



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      1. Just grab some ginger root and chop a little bit into a mug and add some boiling water and honey 🙂

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