Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème Review


I am so pleased to share with you guys me newest obsession (with lipsticks, that is). I splurged on the new Marc Jacobs lipstick line and I was so happy that I did! I’ve never used Marc Jacobs beauty, but I must say that it has amazing staying power and doesn’t feather or bleed. I picked the color “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” and I picked it out very carefully to look right with my very pale skin.

When I first applied this, I did it with an applicator in Sephora, and it went on perfectly. I find it easier to put things on with a brush or applicator of some sort, but I don’t mind putting this lipstick straight on my lips. I also contemplated getting a lip liner with it because I don’t really have one close to this color, which is described as a “baked rose”. But after wearing the sample from Sephora all day and not having any problems, I concluded I don’t really need one. The formulation is very pigmented and buttery. I was mostly afraid that it would be really drying on my lips, but it was moisturizing with great color, I might need to get more!



9 thoughts on “Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème Review

  1. I just swatched one of these at a Sephora counter and thought it was awesome! But then I didn’t buy it, because the price tag is still a bit intimidating and some reviews on the line up was not 100% positive. With these star brands one can never know…

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