March Ipsy Bag

ipsy marchIMG_0442_retouchedipsy lipstickIMG_0445_retouchedIMG_0446_retouchedipsy eyestick

Are you ready for another Ipsy bag?


1. Laneige BB Cushion (Comes with several shades) “Light” “Dark” & “Medium”

This was kind of a strange product to receive. I would rather can concealer than a BB cream (or whatever this is) but I’ll give it a try. I know I’m the lightest shade so I opened the other to see the consistency and it was kind of weird! It looks like a puff saturated in makeup. I’ll try this out maybe tomorrow, but I have no idea how many uses I’ll get out of it. I imagine it might dry up after opening the seal.

2. NYX Lipstick “Hunk”

I wore this yesterday and I am IN LOVE with it. The shade intimidated me because it looks quite dark. But it’s a berry tone that goes really well with paler skin. The pigmentation wasn’t incredible, but it totally works and might stay longer with a lip liner.

3. Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

You get two samples of these. I kind of wish there were more! I used this yesterday and it felt amazing on my skin, which has been stressed from being so sick lately. This is mainly for de-puffing which I don’t have a huge problem with, but it helps with baggy eyes and mostly just feels cool and refreshing.

4. Coolway Oil Treatment

I am not the biggest fan of hair care items in Ipsy bags to be honest. I’m sure this will be of some use to me, but with hair products you really need more than a tiny sample to see any results. However, I’m glad to have another oil to help my hair with heat protection. Since I’m using Wen, I might take a small break to try this out. It smells nice (if that adds anything).

5. Marykayatplay Eye Crayon “Teal Me More”

This is quite a bright color for an eye crayon! It’s thin enough to be used as a liner (possible) but I’ll see how to incorporate this into a monthly makeup look.

In all, I think this month was a pretty good Ipsy bag. I really enjoy the full-sized lipstick. I think sometimes the samples they give can’t be used very often though. Also, I’m sorry about the decreased quality but I left my good camera at school and I went home for spring break, so bear with me!

Here was last month’s Ipsy bag


5 thoughts on “March Ipsy Bag

  1. Love the deep pink-plum shade: I’ve seen it yesterday on a v-blogger and think I should try on me as well. Such bold colors are a bit intimidating, but then offer gorgeous and sophisticated looks on pale skin. Thumbs up for me!

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