OOTD- Welcome Home


Here are some pictures of a very exciting day that I had yesterday! My dad has lived away from us since I was about 12 because he’s in the military and yesterday was the day he moved back home. Me and my boyfriend had some extensive shopping and baking to do, so I had to wear a practical a warm outfit. Even though it’s almost April, it was snowing yesterday. I opted for my Sorel snow boots and some leggings. I also am wearing a jacket that I’ve had forever, I think it might be from Macy’s.

We made some rainbow cupcakes as well. I’ve been watching the Great British Bake Off for Comic Relief and Zoella inspired me to try this. It wasn’t that difficult! It just took a bit of patience.

We also piped the icing on with a ziplock bag and it was much more difficult than I thought it’d be. But it was so much fun making them. My mom and dad were very surprised when they walked in.

I thought this would be a cool day to share with you guys!

I’m hoping the weather gets a bit warmer so I can do more OOTD’s. What do you guys think? Would you like more of these? Let me know!



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