Pink & Sparkles


Spring colors on nails are one thing, but adding some sparkle to the mix brings something different to the game.

I wanted to share a little manicure I did this week when I was feeling quite girly.

I used a pale pink as the base and then just layered a very chunky glitter polish, concentrating at the tips. I went for a glitter that had different sizes so it looked like the glitter was going down the nail. Something like this looks very clean and classic. But i think it it still looks unique, because many people ask to see them and compliment them! It’s an easy extra step to a normal pink nail polish. I think it’s worth it!



OOTD- April 23, 2015


As you may know, I’ve been trying to take more OOTD pictures. This is kind of a hard task at my dorm right now because our space is so tiny and I usually don’t have my tripod for taking things outside. However, once I get home for the summer, I plan on forcing myself to use the tripod and take really good quality pictures. Until then, I’ll still share with you what I can.

Today’s outfit was very casual, but still looked stylish. I focused on using all casual pieces that can work together. I think the Asos boots pulled it all in.

I’ve had this Abercrombie shirt since middle school. But I always find appropriate times to wear it! it never goes out of style and it looks great thrown on with anything. The black skirt is from H&M and was another great cheap purchase. My jacket is from Express (you probably recognize it from previous OOTDs). I also am wearing my Kate Spade sunglasses.

This is another transitional outfit that will take you from winter to spring. I love layering, and this is a great way to do that with a basic black skirt.

You could also very easily wear this with Converse or even flip flops as it gets warmer. There are a lot of things you could switch in to mix and match. I love outfits that use mostly staples because you can really experiment with you closet. It’s important to have this kind of stuff when you live in New England.

I also straightened my hair for once. I really like the way it looks! What have you guys been wearing in these spring-weathered weeks?


Lush Inspiration: Twilight


Shameless, typical Tumblr-inspired pictures of bath bombs.

I came up with a cool idea to compare bath bombs to thing. I actually didn’t really come up with this, because people have been doing similar things on Tumblr. But I thought it would be a fun thing to do for this blog! I love Lush and I can’t always get it, so it might be fun to do something like this when I treat myself. I only own the first two images!!

This was the Twilight bath bomb, and I’ve used it before. I love this because of the lavender in it. As someone who is anxious and usually needs help falling asleep, this is a great bath bomb to use at night. The smell is divine!

Some specs on this bath bomb (taken right from the Lush site):

1. Lavender is a natural melatonin that will help make you sleepy (as said before)

2. It has sweet tonka absolute, which is the “saucier cousin of vanilla” that will help you become relaxed and tired

3. It has a slow froth, and when I used it, it really did take awhile to completely fizzle out.

Honestly, I want to repurchase this over and over after it helped me relax so much after a very stressful week. I love how the colors changed from pink to blue to purple, just like the night sky.


Ipsy Bag: April 2015


Confession: This may be my favorite Ipsy Bag. I have thoroughly loved everything inside of this! Every single item was something that I could put to good use. I just want to say one thing though, the lipstick packaging DID fall apart and I am calling Ipsy to see if they will give me a replacement.

But besides the weird lipstick (which has a great color) I am in love with this month’s Ipsy, especially the adorable makeup bag. 

Jor’el Parker Perfume- Femina

Hikari Blush- Tango

KCO Colors Lipstick- Natural Born Beauty

The Balm Cosmetics Mini Nude Eyeshadow- Flirty

Lather Ultra Light Face Lotion

What came in your monthly beauty bags?


Inspiration Post: April!

Here at Glitterbunnies, I really consider myself inspired by everything around me. I’ve noticed in April, it has been a mixture of very fresh, crisp images mixed with gloomy, rainy days. It is April after all, and with April comes showers.

These are some images to describe what has me inspired, outfit-wise and also just creatively in general. As always, these images were taken from Tumblr. When you click the image, it will bring you to wear I found the picture!

I am also doing a shameless little plug and will add my Tumblr for you to look at and perhaps follow.


OOTD- First Shorts of Spring


Goof afternoon guys!

Yesterday it was beautiful and sunny out, so I wore a pair of shorts (without tights) for the first time this year! I love these shorts from Urban Outfitters, they are so comfy and easy to pair with things. I also wore a big floppy hat to keep the sun out of my eyes.

I have been wearing this denim and leather jacket for over a year now. I got it from Express and I love the way it makes my outfits look. It has just enough edge to make something look cool. But it also is classic and can be worn with almost everything in my closet. I am so happy about the warm weather. It seems to be lifting my spirits a bit!

I wore my Steve Madden flats with my outfit because I wanted a little pop of color. The white button-up is from H&M. I think this outfit was great for semi-warm weather. I’m excited to go shopping this weekend to get a nice pair of sandals for spring/summer. I hope you are enjoying your weeks!

What have you been wearing in this spring weather?


Journaling Series: Days 4 & 5


Happy days.

I’ve been having a rough time at my school right now. The school I go to is TERRIBLE with accommodating people with housing, and I’m actually thinking of leaving this school or living off-campus. The stress has been pretty bad, but I’m happy I still continued with my journal. I think I’ll start doing two days at a time now per post.

I tried to keep my words as optimistic as possible. When there are difficult people in your life, the best thing to do is remember that there are more issues you could be dealing with.

I used some of my Washi tape to decorate the page on the left. I think Washi has so many fun uses! I put the cameras and floral together for a vintage-y feel. I love the quote that I put with it as well. It’s a very romantic page!

On the right, I painted a little picture of a pink lemonade because I had a pretty crappy day and wanted something uplifting.

I think I’ve been going through a lot lately and this writing has helped a little. I know most of the time I am only writing quotes, but putting aside a part of your day to do things like this will take the stress away.

I hope to continue doing this series for awhile, and I’m also letting you know that I am putting all my content into categories this weekend! I am changing my theme soon and will use one that categorizes posts into Fashion, Beaty, Lifestyle, etc. Every time I am on a blog that has this feature, I love navigating the site way more. It might be a big task to put everything into a category but it will be worth it. I suggest categorizing all of your stuff as you go in case you want to do this! What do you think of the journaling so far?


Journaling Series: Day 4


Here we are again for my fourth day in the journaling series. I’ve really been looking forward to my time to do this every day. I think this was also a good idea to document so I can be inspired to do it in the future. It feels very therapeutic.

I just want to say right now, I’m sorry the yellow may be difficult to read, it looks really pretty in person.

Todays theme was more of a spring/rainy day theme. It hadn’t rained where I live but it was supposed to, and it inspired some writing. I really enjoy spring rain showers. I think it means that warmer months are coming.

I used a raindrop pattern to decorate a little bit and it’s simple, but still pretty.

I also like the contrast between yesterday’s page and today’s. I was thinking of not doing this for very long, but now I really enjoy it! The hardest part for me is finding a time to upload it. I had other posts to upload yesterday and today, and I was frantically trying to figure out what times would work best. What do you guys think so far? You can read yesterday’s post here!


Great Balls of Bicarb- Lush Treats


I have added some Lush products to my collection, and I must say, the excitement is overwhelming. In case you’ve been noticing, there has been a big lack of Lush on this blog lately. Let’s just state the obvious: I’m a broke college student. Keeping up with Lush every month was a nice luxury for awhile, but it had to stop. Especially since I don’t have a bath at school and I only use my bath products when I come home. That meant I had to cut down how much I went to Lush, and eventually, I just stopped going.

Trust me, this is just as devastating to me to have to live through as it probably is for you to read this. However, I decided when I get some extra money, I’ll stop in every so often and get some Lush. Fast forward to Easter, when I told my mom all I wanted was one single peep. I came downstairs the next morning to a basket (full of peeps, by the way) with a huge Lush gift inside. AND IT WAS VERY HARD TO HOLD IN MY EXCITEMENT.

This is the Great Balls of Bicarb Lush box (cylinder, really) and I really love it because my favorite thing to get at Lush is bath bombs.

I haven’t used any yet, but I am planning to this weekend. I think as I use each bath bomb I’ll do a blog post on how they look/perform in the bath.


Journaling Series: Day 3


Greetings with another Monday post!

I am carrying on with my journaling series. Here we are with another inspiring quote. Rather than using paper to decorate, I decided to do a little drawing on this page. To be completely honest, I wanted to use some stamps, but I have no interesting ones. I was very happy doing a little sketch though. These are the Copic markers I was talking about in my last post. If you’re wondering if they bled, yup they did, but I’ve showed you previous pages so I’m not too upset about it.

I want each page to reflect a different vibe of each day.

I think this one is kind of a cool Alexa Chung-vibe. I’m sorry I reference her so much, she’s just the coolest person on Earth. What do you think of today’s journal post? Check out yesterdays.