The Season of White


Spring is here!

I went hunting last weekend for the perfect white Spring dress.

The day before Easter brought many sales into stores and I was pretty surprised. I took a look at a bunch of different places, but I found the best Spring dresses at Gap.

I actually don’t shop at Gap too often, but they had white and yellow dresses in the front that drew me in. Because of the sale, there weren’t a bunch in my size, but luckily, this beautiful babydoll style dress was!

I’m not sure of the exact name of this style, but it has eyelet details and is layered cotton.

I have a few events coming up for the late spring/early summer, and this was the perfect amount of sophistication for them. The dress isn’t too long, but it shows enough leg to make up for the conservative top. I think with nude heels and delicate accessories, it could work for many things. I have a couple graduations to go to, and this will be perfect!

The dress was originally around $80, but with the sale, it went down to $40. I thought that was an incredible deal for Gap! I also found a dress for $5 in the sale section! This just goes to show that you can find some treasures if you’re really looking. Overall, I am so pleased with this white dress and can’t wait to share some outfit ideas that I can put together with it. If you are looking for some sundresses/fancier spring dresses, check out the Gap right now!



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