Great Balls of Bicarb- Lush Treats


I have added some Lush products to my collection, and I must say, the excitement is overwhelming. In case you’ve been noticing, there has been a big lack of Lush on this blog lately. Let’s just state the obvious: I’m a broke college student. Keeping up with Lush every month was a nice luxury for awhile, but it had to stop. Especially since I don’t have a bath at school and I only use my bath products when I come home. That meant I had to cut down how much I went to Lush, and eventually, I just stopped going.

Trust me, this is just as devastating to me to have to live through as it probably is for you to read this. However, I decided when I get some extra money, I’ll stop in every so often and get some Lush. Fast forward to Easter, when I told my mom all I wanted was one single peep. I came downstairs the next morning to a basket (full of peeps, by the way) with a huge Lush gift inside. AND IT WAS VERY HARD TO HOLD IN MY EXCITEMENT.

This is the Great Balls of Bicarb Lush box (cylinder, really) and I really love it because my favorite thing to get at Lush is bath bombs.

I haven’t used any yet, but I am planning to this weekend. I think as I use each bath bomb I’ll do a blog post on how they look/perform in the bath.


6 thoughts on “Great Balls of Bicarb- Lush Treats

  1. Lush bath bombs are amazing! but I agree being a poor college student sucks not only for lush but for other products too! my birthdays coming up soon and I found that I asked for refills other than something I sort of wanted to try haha it sucks being broke and in college! heres to the years ahead! xx

    1. Agreed! My birthday is coming up too and I’m asking for a lot to stock up. I guess this teaches us how to manage money, but I can’t wait until I have a little bit more to spend on myself (like Lush) haha!

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