Journaling Series: Day 4


Here we are again for my fourth day in the journaling series. I’ve really been looking forward to my time to do this every day. I think this was also a good idea to document so I can be inspired to do it in the future. It feels very therapeutic.

I just want to say right now, I’m sorry the yellow may be difficult to read, it looks really pretty in person.

Todays theme was more of a spring/rainy day theme. It hadn’t rained where I live but it was supposed to, and it inspired some writing. I really enjoy spring rain showers. I think it means that warmer months are coming.

I used a raindrop pattern to decorate a little bit and it’s simple, but still pretty.

I also like the contrast between yesterday’s page and today’s. I was thinking of not doing this for very long, but now I really enjoy it! The hardest part for me is finding a time to upload it. I had other posts to upload yesterday and today, and I was frantically trying to figure out what times would work best. What do you guys think so far? You can read yesterday’s post here!



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