Journaling Series: Days 4 & 5


Happy days.

I’ve been having a rough time at my school right now. The school I go to is TERRIBLE with accommodating people with housing, and I’m actually thinking of leaving this school or living off-campus. The stress has been pretty bad, but I’m happy I still continued with my journal. I think I’ll start doing two days at a time now per post.

I tried to keep my words as optimistic as possible. When there are difficult people in your life, the best thing to do is remember that there are more issues you could be dealing with.

I used some of my Washi tape to decorate the page on the left. I think Washi has so many fun uses! I put the cameras and floral together for a vintage-y feel. I love the quote that I put with it as well. It’s a very romantic page!

On the right, I painted a little picture of a pink lemonade because I had a pretty crappy day and wanted something uplifting.

I think I’ve been going through a lot lately and this writing has helped a little. I know most of the time I am only writing quotes, but putting aside a part of your day to do things like this will take the stress away.

I hope to continue doing this series for awhile, and I’m also letting you know that I am putting all my content into categories this weekend! I am changing my theme soon and will use one that categorizes posts into Fashion, Beaty, Lifestyle, etc. Every time I am on a blog that has this feature, I love navigating the site way more. It might be a big task to put everything into a category but it will be worth it. I suggest categorizing all of your stuff as you go in case you want to do this! What do you think of the journaling so far?



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