Lush Inspiration: Twilight


Shameless, typical Tumblr-inspired pictures of bath bombs.

I came up with a cool idea to compare bath bombs to thing. I actually didn’t really come up with this, because people have been doing similar things on Tumblr. But I thought it would be a fun thing to do for this blog! I love Lush and I can’t always get it, so it might be fun to do something like this when I treat myself. I only own the first two images!!

This was the Twilight bath bomb, and I’ve used it before. I love this because of the lavender in it. As someone who is anxious and usually needs help falling asleep, this is a great bath bomb to use at night. The smell is divine!

Some specs on this bath bomb (taken right from the Lush site):

1. Lavender is a natural melatonin that will help make you sleepy (as said before)

2. It has sweet tonka absolute, which is the “saucier cousin of vanilla” that will help you become relaxed and tired

3. It has a slow froth, and when I used it, it really did take awhile to completely fizzle out.

Honestly, I want to repurchase this over and over after it helped me relax so much after a very stressful week. I love how the colors changed from pink to blue to purple, just like the night sky.


8 thoughts on “Lush Inspiration: Twilight

  1. Love the idea of pulling the colors out of the bath bomb for inspiration. Also love Lush products. Sadly I can’t use them because I have allergies and they have too high a concentration of essential oils but they still smell amazing.

    1. I’m sorry you can’t use Lush! There are many other bath products that you could probably substitute them for. But thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you stopped by and enjoyed the post.

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