Lush Inspiration: Dragon’s Egg

dragon's egg 1Dragon's egg 2dragon's egg 3

Hello everyone, today I am blogging to you while I am very sick in bed. The best time to get sick is not around finals week. The dorm I live in is pretty much filled with gross people, thus resulting in me getting sick a lot. 

Anyway, I have some Lush inspiration for you. I really enjoyed doing it last time with the Twilight bath bomb. This time I took on Dragon’s Egg, which I’ve used before and I loved!

Here are some stats on Dragon’s Egg:

-Good for if you need to let off some steam (it really took my anxiety from this terrible week right away)

-A good bath bomb for all of your senses

-Has lemon oil, which is good for toning and refreshing skin 

-It’s vibrant, sizzling, and has many sounds, colors, and scents while it’s in the bath

-Good for groggy morning or before an evening out!



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