Pamper Your Mom: Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift

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Mother’s Day is great, and it’s just around the corner!

I already picked up a few things for my wonderful mom for Mother’s Day, but it occurred to me that many people are probably way too busy to think of an elaborate gift. There are many of these types of ideas around the blogs lately, but I loved the idea and wanted to give it a go. The reason this is an awesome gift for moms is because they don’t always spend the time and money on themselves that they should. I know my mom has way more priorities than buying a nail file.

This was really easy to make, and everything inside it came from Target!

The jar is from IKEA and they have many different sized of them. All I did was take some thin washi tape from Michaels and carefully wound it around the jar to make a circle. I then looked for some print-outs and found some amazing ones from Elegance and Enchantment that I printed on sticker paper and then cut out.

You really have to be careful when working with the washi, since it tends to go uneven if you aren’t really paying attention. Also, sticker paper won’t hold up if you plan on washing the jar or anything. This is mainly for decoration! I have other gifts for my mom to wrap, and the rest of the sticker will look great on presents. You could even put them in cards or on envelopes.

The scrub that I got is by Shea Moisture and it was on sale, which is awesome because my mom loves lavender scents. I picked out two Essie polishes in “Sunday Funday” (appropriate for Mother’s Day) and “Perennial Chic.” I added the nail file, Nivea lip balm, and fun little moped socks to add more to the “pamper” theme. Then, I found this amazing notepad set in the dollar spot that have a garden theme, complete with a striped pen.

If you try this idea out, let me know how it goes!



9 thoughts on “Pamper Your Mom: Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift

  1. This is super adorable! Taking the time to make sure the container/wrapping the gift comes in is as beautiful on the outside as the inside is such a wonderful touch.

    1. Thank you so much! I felt like it could be reused, and a glass jar like this really does work to hold anything. I was using one to hold my lip products. Thank you for reading!

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