Lush Inspiration: Avobath


I’ve fallen in love, and his name is Avobath. This is another repurchase for me, but I indulged in a bath after I had a hard day moving out of my dorm, and it was just what I needed.

This bath bomb doesn’t ย have all the bells and whistles that some of the other ones do (ie. seaweed, glitter, confetti hearts) but it still one of my all time favorites. It doesn’t fizz for that long before it’s done, but the color and scent are very strong. This was a good relaxing and fresh bath bomb to use when you’ve been on your feet the whole day. I find that when I use this I can relax easier because the scent is calming but still uplifting. This is a perfect spring-into-summer bath bomb!

Here’s some specs on Avobath:

-perfect for early mornings when you just don’t feel like getting up

-lemongrass scent helps wake your brain up

-has mixed in avocados to bring moisture to your dry skin

-having a foggy brain? this might help you get motivated

-a zesty refresher

Have you used Avobath?



3 thoughts on “Lush Inspiration: Avobath

  1. love the photos! I am such a bath lover ๐Ÿ™‚ Love your blog would be great if you could check out mine xxx

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